Drs. Rick and Anita Gutierrez practiced family medicine together in a small town in Michigan, USA.  There they witnessed in their patients how lifestyle factors such as inactivity, poor nutrition, stress and obesity were responsible for much of the chronic disease that they treated.  They saw that as medical professionals in the office setting they were largely unable to offer effective solutions to their patients struggling with chronic life style related diseases.  They came to the conclusion that a holistic home-based approach involving existing family and community networks over time is the key to effectively promote healthy lifestyles.   In 2002, they took positions with International Ministries that allowed them to use their medical experience and training to develop such community based programs to complement existing medical services.  They moved with their two sons to Durban, South Africa in the province of KwaZulu-Natal where heart and artery disease and HIV/AIDS are the top killers.